Senior Paralegal

Elizabeth Barrett

Serving Clients Throughout the Huntsville, Alabama Area

Elizabeth Barrett
Elizabeth Barrett, Senior Paralegal in Alabama

Elizabeth Barrett is in Huntsville, Alabama and the Manager of AEPA. She began her work in the legal field in 1982, progressing from legal secretary to paralegal, and finally to licensed attorney in Michigan. In 2007, Elizabeth moved to the Huntsville area.

Her calling is to serve clients with probate and elder law concerns, and she has worked primarily in those fields throughout her career. She is truly from the “sandwich” generation, having both her 20 year old son and her 85 year old mother living with her.

In 2015, Elizabeth became an indispensable part of Alabama Estate Planning Attorneys, LLC, (AEPA) working as a senior paralegal. AEPA provides their clients with accurate, timely legal advice and courteous, knowledgeable support staff. Elizabeth assists attorney Scott Rogers.

AEPA helps their clients create individual solutions that work, coordinating with financial, tax, and medical professionals. AEPA assists the client in determining the type of estate planning that best suits their personal needs.  AEPA can also assist in determining benefit eligibility for both VA and Medicaid, including completing the applications process.  AEPA works with each client to sort the fact from the fiction in estate planning, providing peace of mind and understanding in a complex field.


Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Wayne State University BA 1985
  • Detroit School of Law Juris Doctorate Cum Laude 1991
  • Admitted to Bar (Michigan) 1991
  • VA Accredited Attorney