Avoid confusion about health documents in estate planning

Health Care Power of Attorney

  The advance directive may give the agent the power to make end-of-life decisions, or explicitly require the removal of life-prolonging devices. Advance directives commonly require two doctors to determine that the patient has a terminal condition, that death is imminent and that machines are only artificially prolonging the dying process. The document also usually…

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Trust 101

We had a very informational seminar last night and I wanted to share it with you. https://fb.watch/cHExaWIBUS/

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Legal-Ease: Nursing Home Planning: Beyond Just Giving the House to the Kids

elder law

By Lee R. Schroeder  Often, people’s most valuable asset is their home. Many people mark the day that they pay off their home mortgage with a celebration similar to that of an anniversary or birthday. Therefore, protecting the home in the event of eventually needing long-term care (i.e. nursing home, assisted living or in-home care)…

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