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estate planning lessons from celebrity nightmares

Estate Planning Lessons from Celebrity Nightmares

The press has made much of the handwritten will that Larry King executed in the months before he died and in which he purports to change his prior will executed in 2015, to leave his estate equally between his children.

Revoke Power of Attorney

Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

You don’t actually appoint someone power of attorney (POA). A POA is a document that you execute that allows someone to act on your behalf.


What Do I Need to Know about Creating a Will?

Creating a will is one of the most basic elements of estate planning. There are different types of wills you can choose from, including a simple will.

unmarried couples, do I need a will

Do Unmarried Couples Need an Estate Plan?

The couple needs to create an appropriate estate plan. If they truly want inheritance rights, they need to execute testamentary documents, such as wills.

estate planning disasters

Divorce, Death and Details: Can Create Estate Planning Disasters

After the divorce, Mike logged onto the employer’s benefits system and tried, but failed, to delete Wendy as the beneficiary of his life insurance.

Do Farmers have a higher chance of getting Dementia?

Do Farmers Have a Higher Chance of Getting Dementia?

Those who held long-term jobs in agriculture, forestry and fishery had a 46% greater chance of having dementia.

Can you be forced to inherit a timeshare?

Can You Be Forced to Inherit a Timeshare?

Many timeshare contracts include a perpetuity clause, which means the contract and all its fees and obligations are yours for life. It may not end there.

planning for minor children

Will I Live Longer, if I Babysit the Grandchildren?

Looking for an extra incentive to spend some quality time with your grandchildren? Try telling their parents that it could extend your life.

health care for seniors

What Will Biden Do with Medicaid, if Elected President?

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has proposed a major new initiative to encourage state Medicaid programs to expand home and community-based care for low-income older adults and younger people with disabilities.

health care for seniors

Why are the Elderly Particularly Vulnerable to Winding Up in the Hospital with COVID-19?

New Medicare data reveals which chronic conditions make seniors especially vulnerable to ending up in the hospital with COVID-19.